As Salam O Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, 9/16/17 

Refugee Assistance

A group of volunteers from our community visited Albany and Schenectady on Sunday, September 10th in order to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees from Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan and Burma. Please see the attached letter for their account of the visit. These refugees are in desperate need of winter coats. Other much-needed items include snow boots, sweaters and jackets. Please see the attached flier for a listing of items being accepted and how to donate. We strongly encourage everyone to join in and lend a hand in this effort.

Assistance for Victims of Hurricanes

As you saw on your TV screens,  hurricane Harvey devastated south and east Texas.  Soon thereafter, hurricane Irma crippled the Caribbean islands and Florida keys while causing destruction in many towns and cities in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by these natural disasters and we will do everything we can to help. Please donate generously to provide relief to hurricane victims so that we can get much-needed assistance to them as soon as possible.

President MHIA